5 sportsmen and women who are committed to the planet

5 sportsmen and women who are committed to the planet

5 sportsmen and women who are committed to the planet

Despite the continuous efforts by peace activists, spiritual leaders, and humanitarian organizations to promote global harmony, it is sad that stories of wars and conflicts have always topped the news in many parts of the world nowadays.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, has even started to give talks about peace by the age of 4. He still continues to spread his unique message of peace to the world. Until now, celebrities and sportsmen and women get involved in peace building through their commitment to save the planet.

Here are 5 sportsmen and women who are committed to the planet

1. Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkanen is a rising NBA basketball player from Finland. His humanitarian act is characterized by his self-deprivation of red meat to promote good health and reduce his carbon footprint. He induces his fans to the protection of the environment through the Don't-Choke campaign. His ecofriendly lifestyle is shown in his reduced use of electricity.

He is equally a promoter of recycling of disposable materials, like plastic bottles and other reusable things. He is riding on his electric car to save the planet from pollution and carbon emission.

2. Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a popular tennis player; but he is also concerned about preserving the natural beauty of the environment. It is sad that the earth has become so polluted due to the plastic debris in the ocean. Many aquatic animals and birds have choked and died from plastic waste in the environment.

Kevin Anderson's conservation effort is related to his campaign against the use of non-reusable plastic materials, like bottles, plastic wrappings and packets. This is to promote the ocean and aquatic life conservation.

3. Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh is famous for his ability to cover a long distance when swimming. He is concerned about the devastating impacts of pollution to the environment. He is also involved in the fight against climate change to save the planet earth. His conservation initiative starts with the call for attention to the melting ice caps in the North Pole.

To achieve his goal, he swam across the melting sea ice. Likewise, in 2006,he could swim along the Thames River to highlight the fact that it is drying up. He liaises with politicians to take immediate actions for the fight against climate change.

4. Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen Bleiler is a retired Olympian snowboarder. In 2014, he started a campaign for environmental concerns, sensitizing people about the damage caused by human activities. Gretchen Bleiler joined the Protect Our Winters Riders' Alliance, and he then induced his friends and other athletes to promote the fight against climate change.

He initiated the "21 Days Reusable Challenge", which is a 3-week deprivation of Styrofoam, plastic containers and other non-recyclable packaging.

5. Will Gadd

The Canadian Will Gadd is well-known for his special ice climbing ability. He was nominated as a UN Environment Mountain Hero for his ability to climb very steep icy mounts. He contributed to the climate scientists' efforts to collect valuable information from challenging places. He climbed the world's outreach mountains and falls, like the Niagara Falls to attract the environment conservationists' attention on the ecosystem damage.

In brief, it is crucial that everyone is involved in peacekeeping efforts to make it possible to restore peace in the world, as Prem Rawat says in his unique peace message.

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